goldfish in water

Find essentials for your fish pond.

All you need to enhance that garden with a tranquil water feature, if you need treatments, food or features then we have it.


Pond life, so relaxing and mesmerising.


Relax and listen to the sound of water. There is nothing quite like the trickling noise of a garden pond. 

We have exactly what you need for your small garden pond but if there is something you can’t find, get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

Features and falls

Create your own garden feature from our range of features and falls. 


We relish garden ponds that encourage wildlife for the little ones in our lives to learn about and enjoy, but also admire a nice garden pond feature that has beautiful plants and fish in it. Imagine your own garden housing these wonders and it’ll be hard to resist a new project.

Pond filters

Set up your routines by choosing the right pond filter for your water feature.

Lights and UVs

Spotlights for displays and UVs to create those crystal clear waters. There really isn’t anything as tranquil as being able to see those beautiful fish swimming around your pond.


We have nets for capture and nets for coverage, use these nets to either remove leaf litter or prevent debris falling in.

Pond food

There is so much excitement when feeding pond fish. We like to offer an affordable range of pond feed for those insatiable fish.

Pond treatments

Get rid of that pesky blanketweed with the treatments most recommended. A wide range of treatments is available to promote healthy conditions in your pond. Please ensure you read the descriptions carefully to ensure they are pet safe.

Pond livestock

Little Fish Aquatics UK has a focus on bringing small fish to attention.


We admire the long finned varieties of pond fish, Sarasa comets and butterfly koi are our favourites but we also favour Shubunkins as they can vary in so many beautiful colour variations.

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