Our freshwater range

Fed up with wiping algae off your glass? Or tired of stirring up the bottom constantly? Well, these clean-up creatures may be able to help. As they graze on the glass or forage along the bottom they will greatly reduce that tiresome maintenance.

You mustn’t compensate all maintenance for housing these animals but they certainly will help make a difference and can be bought in the bundles to suit your aquarium size.

Before purchasing, please ensure you read the description for compatibility, so they won’t become expensive snacks, as a lot of fish tend to eat them!

Want something a little different in that aquarium of yours? Something that stands out or a flash of colour scurrying about? The creatures we stock have so much character, you’ll find yourself watching them for hours. With such an assortment of colours available, there is something to suit everyone.

Here at Little Fish Aquatics UK, we specialise in all things tropical. With an extensive range of livebearers, dwarf anabantids, killifish and dwarf cichlids. We feel we have something that will catch everyone's eye.

We can also offer those who seek even rarer species the chance to find them! Please don’t hesitate to enquire for a full stock list. You can also send us your wish list and we'll be in contact shortly to help you with your choices. 

Please note that fish may only be able to be posted to urban areas in the UK mainland and areas that are within a 40-mile radius of PE30 to ensure their safe arrival.

For those lovely aquariums that have no heater. We are proud to announce an amazing, colourful choice for you.

Many times we have visited stores that have little to offer in the cold water section. Little Fish Aquatics UK has allocated a space for focusing on providing a good selection to choose from.

Please note that your unheated aquarium needs to be situated within a room that has a balanced temperature. Not a conservatory or by the front door.

A relaxing and admirable feature to anyone's garden is a pond. We are planning on stocking all colours of goldfish species as well as general pond stock. But more importantly we want to provide a specialised range of butterfly koi!

This range is currently not in season and there isn’t any at the store yet. However, we have big plans, so please check back soon!


Any questions about our freshwater range? Send an email to littlefishaquaticsuk@gmail.com.

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Little Fish Aquatics UK in King's Lynn stocks a vast range of tropical and cold-water creatures for you to enjoy.