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Our King's Lynn store stocks everything you need for a happy aquarium.


Everything you need for a happy aquarium

Fish food

Fish have got to eat and whether you have one or multiple varieties of them in your tank, we have a wide range to ensure your aquarium is meeting their dietary needs. 

We have spent time using various foods to get the best results in our fish, some improve colour, health and some ensure grazers are satisfied, some foods are also specialist. So, be sure to read our descriptions as they will reveal the sort of fish they’ll feed, our aim is to achieve a good all-round diet for your fish. If you’d like to know more then do get in touch.


Sometimes treatments are necessary, whether it is to cure an ailment or to correct water parameters, we have the right ones here for you.

Replacement media

All the essential replacement medias you’ll need to do your filter cleans and changes. We aim to stock all those replacements that are needed for the filters we sell and the aquarium kits. If there is a filter media that you would like to order from us regularly do reach out to us and we will aim to get it for you.

Cleaning tools

Nothing makes easier work than the right tools for the job and we have just that!

Scrapers for algae and pads for wiping glass and, most importantly, siphons for keeping that aquarium substrate healthy.


There is so much fun in choosing decor, sometimes more fun than choosing fish!

Change it up a bit with a splash of colour or take in a complete re vamp

to bring that aquarium back to life.


Nobody wants to have their attention drawn away from a beautiful aquarium by exposed cables trailing down the back of the tank.

Hide away those much needed lifelines with an image of tranquillity to give the tank depth or a bold colour to make the aquarium contents stand out.

Need help setting up your aquarium? Send the team an email to and we can offer expert advice.