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Stockists of beautiful marine livestock

Being situated near the coast in King’s Lynn, we can’t help but have an admiration for the rock pool life here at Little Fish Aquatics UK. Although we admire our wildlife our trade is in tropical marine species


Our marine species include:

Marine fish

We have categorised this section into shallows and expanse to help with choosing the fish that are right for you. Fish from the shallows are hardy and a brilliant beginner's choice whereas fish from the expanse are less tolerable to rapid change and may perish due to a simple mistake.

Clean-up crew

Nothing beats little helpers and that's exactly what these creatures are. From the scavenging to the grazing, they’ll all do their bit to keep your tank clean.


Unlike freshwater, marine life has some absolute marvels. Bring mystery and intrigue to your aquarium with our invertebrate range.

Soft coral

Of all the beauty in coral the softs have our devotion. With so much variety available it's easy to create a full reef of living wonder with very little effort. If you want a tropical reef with an easy routine, then look no further than our soft coral range.

Hard coral

A majesty to the living world, these animals are not for the faint of heart or those looking to put in minimal effort. To master this colourful skeletal reef you’ll need patience, persistence and little room for error. Ensure you know their individual requirements before indulging in purchasing one of these miraculous animals. But, with your devotion, you’ll create an ultimate living tropical reef right in your very home.


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