Bristlenose Plec


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(Ancistrus sp) approx max size 12cm. Approx size of fish currently 4-6cm
Plecs are territorial fish, they like an aquarium with places to hide. They often come out to graze for algae or food at feed times and help towards keeping the aquarium glass clean.
Only purchase more than one pleco if you are confident there are enough places to hide and enough surfaces to graze on as they can be quite aggressive to conspecifics competing with them.
Males have soft bristles on their face and females usually don’t, they aren’t a very active fish they rather take over an area and defend it from other fish.
They have an approximate lifespan of 8 years and with the proper set up will last even longer.
They are a tropical fish which requires a heater set to 20-26*C.

4cm, 8cm


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