Koi Angelfish


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Juvenile koi angels (pterophyllum scalare)

approx 7cm max size 25cm

Can be territorial, keep them in 160 litres or larger to prevent aggression from this species.

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Enhance Your Tropical Aquarium with the Tri Colour Koi Angel

Make your aquarium stand out with the Tri Colour Koi Angel, a perfect centrepiece. However, keep in mind that these freshwater fish can grow quite large, so a larger tank is recommended for them to thrive. Keep in mind that the brightness of their colouring is dependent on their mood and stress levels. If they are feeling stressed or asleep, they can appear pale or duller in colour. But, if they are healthy and well-nourished, and living in ideal water conditions, they will display vibrant colours.


Good tank-mates include coin shaped tetra, gourami and loaches.


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