Longfin Zebra Danio (3cm) Tropical Fish


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Zebra Danios are omnivores and will happily eat flake or pellet food. They also appreciate the occasional treat of live or frozen foods such as bloodworms and brine shrimp.

While they don’t require any special equipment, Zebra Danios appreciate a well-decorated tank with plenty of hiding spots and plants. They are also avid swimmers, so a long and wide tank with open space to swim is ideal.

Zebra Danios are peaceful community fish and can be kept with other peaceful species such as Corydoras, Tetras, and Gouramis. However, it’s important to avoid keeping them with species that are known to be aggressive or nippy, as Zebra Danios have delicate fins.

It’s recommended to perform weekly water changes of around 20-25% for a healthy Zebra Danio tank. This helps to maintain good water quality and prevent any build-up of harmful toxins.

Zebra Danios are relatively easy to breed in a home aquarium. They are egg-scatterers and will lay their eggs on plants or decorations in the tank. It’s recommended to provide a separate breeding tank or breeding box to ensure the survival of the fry, as adult Zebra Danios may eat their own eggs and fry.


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