Ludwigia Super Red


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Ludwigia ‘Super Red’ is a popular plant for your tropical aquarium due to its ease of growth and its ability to attain a vibrant red coloration that is often difficult to achieve with other plants like Rotala macrandra. The plant’s leaves are entirely red on both sides, and it can thrive in a wide range of conditions. While it is not sensitive to water parameters, it requires high levels of light to display its best colours. Additionally, the plant grows quickly and can serve as an excellent indicator for nutrient levels in your aquarium.

Although Ludwigia ‘Super Red’ can grow tall over time, it is best suited for mid-ground or background placement in your aquarium. Regular trimming is required to create a pleasing canopy, as the plant can become untidy if left to its own devices. For a more impressive visual impact, it is best to plant larger, bushier clumps of Ludwigia ‘Super Red’ instead of single stems.

Benefits of Live Plants in Your Tropical Fish Tank

Incorporating live plants into your aquarium has numerous advantages, including:

  • Increased Oxygen Production: Maintaining healthy oxygen levels is essential for your fish’s survival, and live plants play a crucial role in producing oxygen.
  • Improved Water Quality: Live plants help remove waste products and nitrates from the water, leading to better water quality and reducing the need for maintenance and frequent water changes.
  • Natural Habitat: Creating a natural habitat for your fish by adding live plants can help reduce stress levels and promote better health and well-being.
  • Algae Control: Certain types of aquarium plants are effective in controlling algae growth, promoting a clean and healthy-looking tank.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Live plants come in a variety of colours and textures and can be arranged to create a unique and visually appealing display, adding a beautiful and natural touch to your aquarium.

In summary, incorporating live plants into your aquarium is a great option as it provides visual enhancement while improving the health and well-being of your fish. Whether you’re an experienced aquarium enthusiast or a newcomer, adding live plants to your aquarium is undoubtedly worth considering.



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