Neon Tetra


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(Paracheiodon innesi) approx max size 6cm. Approx size of fish currently 3cm
Neon tetra are an iconic fish they can be territorial and like a mature well planted or active aquarium which is a minimum size of 80 litres for a small group or 125+ litres for a larger group. Only purchase singles if you are topping up an existing group. If bought alone they may develop behaviours which will cause a problem in your aquarium.
They will squabble to establish a hierachy within their groups unless there is plenty of movent from bigger fish which will encourage them to school instead, they are an active fish staying around the mid range of your aquarium.
They have an approximate lifespan of 4 years and with the proper set up will last even longer.
They are a tropical fish which require a heater set to 25-27*C.

Individual, Ten, Twenty Two


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