Odessa barb (4cm) Tropical Fish


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The Odessa Barb is an interesting fish species that has recently been found to have a natural distribution area in a remote part of Myanmar. Here are some additional facts about this species:

  • Tank-raised Odessa Barbs are likely to have originated from their natural distribution area in Myanmar.
  • Odessa Barbs are generally peaceful, but they should not be kept with long-finned, slow-moving fish.
  • To keep Odessa Barbs happy and healthy, they should be kept in groups of at least 6 specimens due to their shoaling nature.
  • Although Odessa Barbs may not look their best in dealer stock tanks, their eye-catching coloration becomes apparent once they are settled in a planted aquarium.
  • Odessa Barbs prefer slightly cooler than average temperatures, so it’s important to keep them in an appropriate environment to ensure their well-being.

Overall, the Odessa Barb is a beautiful and fascinating species that can make a great addition to a planted aquarium when properly cared for.


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