Pineapple Wag Swordtail


(Xiphophorus hellferi) approx max size 8cm. Approx size of fish currently 5cm
Swordtails are a livebearing fish, they like a well planted or spacious aquarium with no aggressive fish.
The Minimum length is 80cm for a small group or 120cm+ for a larger group. Only purchase singles if you are topping up an existing group. If bought alone they may develop behaviours which will cause a problem in your aquarium.
The males have beautiful long swords on their tail and can be quite boisterous in an aquarium especially when females are present the only way to control a population of livebearers without young is to keep only males.
They have an approximate lifespan of 3 years and with the proper set up will last even longer.
They are a tropical fish which require a heater set to 24-26*C.

Male, Female, Male (1) + Female (2), Male (3) + Female (6)


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