Red shoulder severums (4cm) Tropical Fish


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The Rotkeil Severum, also known as the Red Shoulder Severum, is a popular choice for aquarium enthusiasts due to its captivating appearance and easy-to-maintain nature. Here are some additional facts about this fascinating fish:

  • The Rotkeil Severum is a member of the Cichlidae family, which includes other popular aquarium fish such as Angelfish and Discus.
  • As its name suggests, the Rotkeil Severum has distinctive red markings on its shoulders, which stand out against its dark brown or black body.
  • In the wild, this species is found in South America, specifically in the Amazon River basin and its tributaries.
  • In terms of size, the Rotkeil Severum can grow to be up to 8 inches long, making it a medium-sized fish.
  • Despite its size, the Rotkeil Severum is known for its peaceful temperament and is generally compatible with other non-aggressive fish. However, it is important to note that it may become territorial during breeding season.
  • When it comes to tank setup, the Rotkeil Severum prefers plenty of hiding places such as rocks, caves, and plants. It also appreciates a sandy substrate and slightly acidic water conditions.
  • In terms of diet, the Rotkeil Severum is omnivorous and will eat a variety of foods including flakes, pellets, frozen or live foods, and even vegetables like blanched spinach or zucchini.
  • With proper care, the Rotkeil Severum can live up to 10 years or more in captivity.

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