Red spotted severums (6cm) Tropical Fish


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All About the Colorful and Unique Species: Tips for Proper Care and Maintenance
This fish boasts intriguing character and requires a spacious aquarium for optimal health. Males have more prominent cheek markings, and feeding them color-enhancing foods can help retain their striking red pigment. Here are some additional facts and tips to help you care for this fascinating species:

  • Known for their peaceful nature, these fish make great additions to any aquarium.
  • Consistency is key when it comes to water conditions, as the fish are sensitive to changes.
  • Providing ample hiding spots and decorations can help create a natural habitat for the fish, in addition to a larger aquarium.
  • With attentive care and maintenance, this species can live for over a decade in captivity and serve as a stunning addition to any aquarium.

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