Salvini Cichlid (7cm) Tropical Fish


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Salvini Cichlids are stunning fish that require proper care and attention to thrive in an aquarium setting. Here are some points to consider when setting up an aquarium for these fish:

  • Tank size: Salvini Cichlids are quite territorial, so it’s important to provide them with ample swimming space. A minimum tank size of 4ft is recommended for a single pair, while a 6ft+ tank is necessary for multiple specimens or if other fish are kept in the same tank.
  • Hiding places: Salvini Cichlids need plenty of hiding places in their aquarium. Driftwood, rocky caves, and large flower pots laid on their side are all great options for creating hiding places.
  • Plants: If you want to add plants to the aquarium, choose tough species such as Java Fern or Anubias tied onto the wood. Plants rooted in the substrate may be dug up by the cichlids.
  • Filtration: Efficient filtration is essential for maintaining good water quality for Salvini Cichlids. A decent level of oxygenation and areas of fast water movement should also be provided, along with some quieter resting spots out of the current.
  • Water quality: Salvini Cichlids are sensitive to nitrates, so regular partial water changes are necessary to maintain excellent water conditions. It’s important to monitor the water parameters regularly to ensure that they are within acceptable ranges.
  • Aggression: Salvini Cichlids are known to be very aggressive, especially when breeding. It’s important to avoid keeping them with other fish that may become targets of their aggression. Providing ample hiding places can also help to reduce aggression.

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